I had my toothpulled its the one next to the front tooth 2days ago I have pain along the side of my nose could it be from shots or what it hurts?

Abcess or nerve ? See you doctor right away. See ENT if doctor says all ok. Thsi could be an abcess or nerve damage. Nerve damage will usually go away at 1 mm a day. 100mm= 100 days. Ask "how long is he nevre".
Face pain. This could be due to inflammation or irritation of the facial nerve that will cause pain and make it go up your face. Sometimes the initial injection can irritate the nerve but most of the time its inflammation from the tooth being pulled or if there is any infectious process that could cause this nerve irritation and the pain.
Normal recovery. The wound from a pulled tooth can hurt for about two weeks as it heals. As for the pain in your nose: the same nerve that senses pain in your top teeth also has branches that sense pain/touch on the side of your nose; you are experiencing "referred pain." you can take Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen for the pain. If you are still hurting for some time after a tooth extraction, call the dentist.