Doc my son is 6 yrs old from the last 7 days he is not eationv well, we are forcing him to eat. What can we do so thst he can start eating well. Help?

Is he sick? Sometimes children go through phases where they do not eat well/ become picky eaters. If he is recuperating from any illness/ starting to fall sick chances of him not eating well are more. If he is well- relax and do not push him, his appetite will pick up, if he is falling sick, talk to his doc.
Try relaxing for now. I can't know why your son isn't eating well, but sometimes when someone has an infection, appetite lessens as the body realizes it can recover better with eating less.He might also be having digestive problems aggravated by eating. If his weight is normal it will not be harmful to eat less for awhile. It is more important to make sure he is well hydrated (lots of fluids). See my comments for more:.