Do panic attacks stay forever?

Not necessarily . They can resolve with proper treatment. Medication plus cognitive behavioral therapy to identify and modify the cause of the panic attacks.
Magnesium. Panic attacks are often associated with feelings of being out of control. In fact, a person's "first" panic attack may well occur when traveling by car, bus, train, or plane. A particularly effective supplement is magnesium (esp. Recommended is peter gilham's natural vitality calm) or holy basil (an herbal remedy that can really help with anxiety/panic -- also a "natural" mosquito repellant!).
Panic disorder. Panic disorder is one of the scariest conditions but also one of the easiest to treat if caught early. Don't delay treatment as both medications and psychotherapy can be life savers. I wrote a chapter on panic in my book, psychiatry in techno colors, available on amazon.Com.