I am 23, have sle with many organ involvement, & have not responded to any treatments my rheum. Has tried. Am I going to be okay?

Clarify diagnosis. There are many manifestations of lupus, but people with lupus are normal people who happen to have lupus. Some of your problems may not be lupus. On the other hand the first fda approved drug of lupus, in 50 + years is now available. In the correct setting the drug, Benlysta (belimumab) is a medication that may be indicated depending on the clarification of your diagnosis. We need to clarify.
I hope so but... This answer may be somewhat controversial. Conventional medicine has very limited success in treating sle, using powerful medicines with potentially serious side effects to try to suppress/slow progression of sle with no idea of actually curing it. Since you have not responded to standard treatment it would be reasonable to try a more holistic/alternative approach. See my comments for more info.