Besides surgery is there any other way to manage bunion pain that is an easy 7 or 8 on a scale from 1 to 10.?

First make. Sure it's bunion pain and not something like gout. If its bunion pain avoid tight shoes. A topical antiinflammatory can help reduce any inflammation.
Pain. Bunion pain can be lessened by padding, wider shoes, physical therapy, nsaids injections. Eventually surgery will be indicated if bad enough.
Bunion surgery. There are no braces or exercises to get rid of a bunion. If you have it surgically removed, there are several ways your surgeon could go about it. Depending on the angle of your bones (you'll need an x-ray), there are many different procedures to correct your foot. If you do not want surgery, there are inserts or injections to decrease your pain, but they won't make the bunion go away.
Reduce pressure. Bunion pain mostly comes from shoe pressure on the bone prominence. Wearing shoes that have a soft upper or more room for the prominence will give the most relief. Bunion shields (silicone gel pad) can help. Dr l.
No perfect way. . It depends on what is creating the pain. Sometimes a gel type cushion can protect te bump from excessive running and pressure and that helps. Sometime a silicone spacer between the toes can improve alignment and relieve pain. Rarely orthotics can help if one has a flatfoot too. However the only way to "fix" a bunion is surgery.
Probably not, but... There are plastic splints on the market. One is a molded piece of plastic with two velcro straps. It is worn while sleeping, as it won't fit in a shoe. The big toe is pulled straighter when it's worn, but bends again when the splint is removed. Another splint has a "hinge" in it, so it is advertised as allowing one to walk and wear shoes while wearing it. In reality, it's too big to fit in shoes.