My grandmother always complains about her upper back hurting. What can help her constant pain go. Away?

Pain Management. Back pain tend to be chronic and almost never heals. If severe go to a pain management specialist to receive injections of anasthesics with cortisone. Some pts will require strong pain medicine for ever. In elderly pts a screening with x ray, MRI or ct scan is done to rule out metastatic cancer and to visualize the area. Other options is to see an spinal orthopedic surgeon to discuss surgery.
Possibly injections. A common cause of back pain, especially in the elderly, is arthritis of the joints of the spine. If she doesn't respond to a short course of oral steroids (medrol (methylprednisolone) dose pack) and anti-inflammatory agents, then she might need injection in the back to help control that pain. Talk to her doctor about these options.
Go 2 Pain Management. Make sure pain is not caused by cancer. Get x ray and or MRI or cts. If physical therapy and antiinflammatories or oral cortisone don't help refer her to a pain management clinic for injections, otherwise would require narcotics forever.