My daughter has hydronephrosis. High platelet levels, high creatinine and bun levels, white blood cells in her urine. No reflux. Possible kidney disease?

Azotemia. Your daughter needs to be evaluated by both pediatric urologist & pediatric nephrologist. Repeat my previous advice that you need to take her a center which can provide these services and believe that would by ucla or la children's hospital or uc irvine medical center. They should be able to make a diagnosis and optimally advise regarding treatment. My sympathies this is a serious problem.
Congenital or. Acquired hydronephrosis is caused by a variety of genetic & other medical conditions for which your daughter is being evaluated by her pediatrician & pediatric urologist, according to your notes. See http://www.Choa.Org/child-health-glossary/h/hy/hydronephrosis for more information.

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Why might it be that red and white blood cells be found in urine with chronic kidney disease?

Seek md opinion. These cells can indicate 1. Urinary infection 2. Kidney injury due to the disease that caused chronic kidney disease 3. Bleeding in the kidney- from stone, cyst, sometimes cancer.This must be investigated by urologist or nephrologist. Read more...