I have stomach pain in the lower left of my stomach and have regular bowel movements?

See a doctor. There are many different things that can be causing your pain, some minor (irritable bowel) but some serious (colon ca). We need to know about the type of pain, what brings it on and what relieves it, any pertinent past history, etc. We are a "hands-on" profession and can learn a lot from physical examination. Lastly, we often need to run tests like blood tests, x-rays, or even endoscopy.
Diverticulitis? Sounds suspicious for diverticulitis but that is only one of many different potential explanations. Discuss with your physician. You may benefit from a colonoscopy.
Self-Limiting. Gender & age tell us more about what the source could be, but typically, from a surgeon's perspective, the left-sided pain is less serious (compared to the right). This pain may be related to different pathologies ranging from benign and self-limiting, to serious, depending again, on age, gender, quality, duration, and associated symptoms. Provide more details or seek a doctor if symptoms persist.

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Lower stomach pain while peeing and having a bowel movement. What could it be?

UTI? Hi, have you seen a doctor to find if you urinary tract infection, you need evaluation by a doctor.

Left side stomach pain, constipation with gas, low appetite, \u0026 hard bowel movement twice with in the last week also havingpauses when urinating

Constipation. Full rectum interferes with voiding. As long as no blood try a fleets enema followed by MiraLAX (polyethylene glycol)

Why do I always have stomach pain before a bowel movement?

See below. The stool is moving in large intestine for one. However you could also have hemorrhorids or an anal fissure which can make bowel movements painful.

Been having stomach pain for 6 days now and unable to have a bowel movement. What could be wrong?

Abd pain. Significant constipation can cause abdominal pain. Stay well hydrated (at least 8 - 8 ounces glasses of water per day). Try to get in 5 servings of vegetables and 4 servings of fruit per day – get that fiber in. Stay physically active if possible. There are a number of over the counter laxatives that you can take now to help pass your retained fecal matter.

I have a stomach pain that won't go away for 12+ hours. It feels like an urge for bowel movement but nothing to show for.?

Constipation. Try some simple remedies like prune juice or a mild laxative. A suppository can also help if there is rectal pressure to have a bowel movement. If you have serious symptoms like severe abdominal pain, vomiting, fevers, blood in the stool then seek urgent evaluation.

Having persistent stomach pain for 3 days. Need for bowel movement yet can't produce one. Prescribed calflac to relax bowels yet still consistent pain?

Check with your doc. You will need a direct exam by your doctor to find out what is wrong with you. At the least, you need to get the bowel moving again perhaps with the aid of a suppository or laxative.
Suppository. If you have lower abdominal discomfort and a strong urge to defecate but can't, try inserting a glycerin rectal suppository as a lubricant. If this fails, a gentle fleets enema may help. Otherwise you should be checked by your pcp.

My girlfriend has only had 3 or 4 pebbles come out in her bowel movements over a span of 7 to 10 days. She has stomach pain and feels extremely ill an?

No other disease? Each person with constipation needs to be sure there is no other disease causing it. If constipation is just due to slow movement of the food and poop through the gut, then the things to try are vegetables, water, prune juice, prunes, fiber+water, Miralax, (polyethylene glycol) Senokot or other senna, milk of magnesia, other laxatives... A doctor can evaluate and prescribe helpful meds too. Exercise also helps.

Why do I have gas and stomach pain before a bowel movement?

Gas & pain. How often do you have BMs? Daily is best. How is your diet? Do you have enough fiber in it? Please see your doctor. He/she will likely discuss the above w/you. A probiotic MAY be in order after that. Peace and good health.
Cramping before BM. What are you eating? May be foods like - keep a diary or intolerance to food like dairy / gluten soy, or irritable bowel or rarely inflammatory bowel. Would follow up with doc/ urgent care.