I am 6 weeks pregnant and I never been that bloated! What can I do or eat/no eat? It's very uncomfortable...Also I feel kind of nauseus.

Hormones. Nausea and reflux in pregnancy is often worst in 1st trimester; uterus is too small to push on stomach until later; cause is hormonal. Colon has hormone receptors too. Small frequent meals, bland food can help. Remember, it all counts. Eat junk on day one, can't eat less on day 2 to make up for it. Avoid spicy, fatty foods; prenatal vitamins are high in iron and calcium-both can cause GI sympt.
Reflux? . Symptoms of reflux is pretty common during pregnancy as the enlarged uterus pushes up against your stomach. If this is so, small portions and food that does not irritate the stomach as well as promote relaxation of esophageal sphincter should be reviewed. Ginger can decrease nausea. Consult further with your ob/gyn.