Will my pregnancy be adversely affected by my high blood pressure?

Yes. Women with chronic hypertension have higher risk of preeclampsia, abruption. Fetuses of women with high blood pressure have greater chance of poor growth, decreased blood flow and/or amniotic fluid, sometimes fetal distress or other serious problems. With BP control, frequently checked and stable BP values and fetal evaluation, the risk of problems for baby can decrease. See internist before ttc.
Yes. It's important that women with preexisting hypertension get pre conception counselling to understand their particular and unique risks. Certain medications should be avoided. These pregancies are at higher risk for developing growth problems and toxemia or preeclampsia but with close followup you should hopefully have a safe and healthy pregnancy.
Yes. Untreated high blood pressure during pregnancy can potentially be very dangerous. It can be associated with a wide variety of complications ranging from poor fetal growth to seizures ( eclampsia). Fortunately, patients who attend clinic regularly, rest and take medications when indicated rarely have severe complications.
Yes. Chronic hypertension increases the risk of pre-eclampsia, abruption, and fetal demise. Control of blood pressure is important to reducing these risks. There are medications that are safe in pregnancy that may be indicated in your pregnancy. Coordinate with an ob/gyn early in the pregnancy. High risk OB consultation may be indicated depending on the severity of the hypertension.
Yes. High blood pressure can definitely affect pregnancy. Good blood pressure control with safe medicines is best achieved before pregnancy. You should be carefully monitored in pregnancy because the are risks to both you and your baby.
Yes. Uncontrolled high blood pressure is a risk factor for abruption, stoke, pre-eclampsia, and low-birthweight babies. Taking blood pressure medications can help reduce most of these risks. There is still a 30% risk of developing pre-eclampsia when you have hypertension, even if it is controlled with medications.

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