37 year old has scoliosis, lumbar lordosis and curved spine, and was born with hip dysplasia. Had several surgeries. Now has joint and back pain walkin?

Joint/Back pain. You have a difficult problem because of your history. You should seek the advice of a qualified physiatrist who specializes in spine care. Preferentially they should work in the same practice as a spine surgeon so you can get both opinions.
DDH and scoliosis. I suspect limb length discrepancy. It also depends upon type of hip surgery, but you may be developing avn or arthritis now. The scoliosis and back symptoms are likely compensating for an imbalance created by your hips. I have "cured" back pain in patients with similar conditions with a shoe lift to correct inequality. See a good orthopedic surgeon or pm&r doc. Find your hip surgeon.

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W/ bone dysplasia (scoliosis, lordosis, hip).Had correctional surgeries in the 80's.3m spine support and custom insole can help w/ joint and back pain?

Changes with age. The childhood or adolescent problems with dysplasia of hip and curvature of spine may develop superimposed degenerative changes. The treatment may require orthopedic evaluation and possibly reimaging to suggest the appropriate therapy. As you are suggesting there may be conservative answer. If surgery of spine was performed with metal rods sometimes pseudarthrosis or fracture of graft can occur. Read more...
Possibly. In my opinion, treatments such as a spine support and custom insole fall into the category of "won't hurt to try." there is no way to predict which patients such treatments will help. I would certainly also recommend active treatments including regular activity and exercises as well as range of motion and strengthening. Read more...