The left half of my left eye gets blood shot red and swollen. My actual eye ball gets bulgy. I don't have allergies. I get this twice a month at least?

See a Dr. There are different types of bleeding in the eyes, most are benign or self limited but some in the sclera may be iritis/uveitis or in the anterior chamber or in the retina.
Red eye! Sounds like epidcleritis which is irritation of the surface layer or the eye (conjunctiva) usually due to dry eyes, or sub-conjunctival hemmorrhage which is a small broken blood vessel under the conjunctiva which looks like bright red blood on the white part of the eye (usually idiopathic, can be related to blod thinners). Both of these would be painless and possibly reccurent. May be pinguecula.
Bruised Eye. With no other symptoms, this is likely a "subconj hemorrhage", which is like a bruise on the eye. It causes no problems with vision, and is usually the result of rubbing, coughing, sneezing or straining. It may be worse in patients who are on aspirin. If you have any pain, or vision changes, or discharge, then you should see an ophthalmologist.