What is the best medicine for diabetes?

Many options. I assume you have type 2 diabetes. In this day and age, the best diabetes medications are those that do not cause you to gain weight or retain fluids. These are newer medications and are still not generic but they treat both diabetes and are weight-neutral/loss: metformin/byetta/victoza/januvia/onglyza/tradjenta. See your doctor to see if you are a suitable candidate for any of these drugs.
Depends. Every medication has its own pros and cons, and the risk-benefit relationship changes depending on the patient. So the best diabetes med for you may be different from the best diabetes med for your neighbor.
Which type? There are different types of diabetes. People with type 1 need Insulin right away. Type 2 patients can start with oral meds, such as metformin. Other meds may need to be added, and many type 2s eventually need insulin.

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What's the best alternative medicine for diabetes?

Chinese medicine. Would be the best additional medical treatment. Do not stop any medicines you are on. Add the additional help and see how your body improves over time. Read more...
Depends. The only way to treat type one, Insulin dependent diabetes, is with insulin. In this disease, your body makes no insulin. There is no alternative; you take your Insulin or you die. Type two diabetes involves Insulin resistance. 80% of people with this problem are obese. Ala (a type of fatty acid) has been shown to help in some studies. Recently cinnamon has drawn attention as a treatment. Read more...

What is the best herbal medicine to treat diabetes?

NONE. In my > 35 years of practice i've heard of all manner of herbal and natural treatments for dm.None work.Please see a dr and get treated properly to live longer. Read more...