Randomly from time to time my eyes shake really crazy side to side then it will stop and go back to normal, why does it do that? How do I get it to st

Nystagmus. Shaking eyes can be from many causes. Sometimes people are born with this issue, medications can also be the culprit. Eye strain can also cause this issue. You need to be evaluated by your ophthalmologist to determine the cause which will influence the treatment.
Nystagmus. this eye movement has both common and serious causes. It could be related to inner ear inflammation/infection, head injury and numerous neurological diseases are possible causes. Or it could be something you were born with. An evaluation by an ophthalmologist is recommonded.
Periodic nystagmus. The medical term for eye shaking is nystagmus. Nystagmus is most often due to problems in the balance mechanism in the inner ear. If your eye shaking is triggered by movement, especially by looking up or down, or lying down, you could have crystals in your ear canals. Exercise can help. There are many other forms of nystagmus. Periodic alternating nystagmus comes to mind; needs a doc visit.
Shaking eyes. There are several possibilities: if this is lifelong, it might be a variant of nystagmus, a condition of "dancing eyes" due to low vision or a nervous system problem usually accompanied by lowered vision.. Or it might be a spasm of accomodation - a sort of hypersensitive stress reaction in which the eyes turn in towards the nose and wiggle back and forth. How is your vision?