Would I need surgery on a nondisplaced nasal fracture?

Nondisplaced nose fx. A non displaced fracture of the nose implies that the nose bones have not moved and hence the nose is still straight. If that is correct you do not need surgery on the nose. However, there have been times when the xrays did not show any fracture but the nose became crooked after trauma. In that case you need surgery. In essence its more to do with the shape of the nose and not the detail of xrays.
No . Surgery is not indicated for an uncomplicated nondisplaced nasal bone fx, at least not in the acute setting. If a deformity ensues & cosmetics is a concern, can repeat x-ray once inflammation has subsided or a ct scan for a more detailed evaluation. At that point can consult a facial plastic surgeon to discuss your options. For cosmetic purposes better to hold off on surgery until swelling is gone.

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