I have bad social anxiety and g.A.D. Is there any medication to prevent chronic blushing? Currently on pristiq (50mg)

Behavioral Path. People struggling w/ social anxiety often get hyperfocused on the physical symptoms they experience in dreaded soc situations. This serves 2 magnifiy the intense discomfort that lies at heart of soc anx, viz, discomfort associated w/ the fear of embarrassing urself. Paradoxically, one way 2 "bust your shame" = If u were 2 make urself blush even harderin social situations & draw attn 2 that fact!
Try non-med ways. Diet advice and/or supplements may be worth a try but you might benefit from some supportive cbt psychotherapy. Blushing is not likely to be a cause for people not liking you - try to be more self-accepting and discover this. ;-).