My 8 yr old child has been ill since 10/2010. diangosis mono, strep, flu, sinus, croup, pneumonia. Need a specialist, don't know what kind. Help! ?

Depends on pattern. If your child has been healthy up till oct. 2010, but you've had trouble since, it seems like a new onset health problem. Were these DX from a continuing source of health care or multiple urgent care centers.(lables are cheep/ ot always accurate) i would wonder about mild asthma as a unifying DX for the majority of those listed. Start with ur dr and go from there. He/she will know whats available.
Asthma? I agree with dr. Villaplana. While mono, strep and flu are very common one would expect prompt recovery. If a child is continuously ill then something else is going on such as allergies and asthma. Another possibility would be an immunodeficiency. An allergist or an infectious disease doctor can help determine what is wrong.
Lots wrOng. If all those conditions are truly present , i would have your child have some labs and see an infectious disease specialist if not responding to treatment. Please discuss with your child's pediatrician.
Otolaryngologist. Please make an appointment with an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist).