How do I get a headache to go away?

De-Stress, H2O, etc. In most people a simple headache is the result of stress on your system. First, make sure to drink plenty of water. Then, go somewhere relaxing, and meditate do progressive relaxation. Simple tylenol, (acetaminophen) aspirin, caffeine combinations can help. Make sure you are in good health get a physical exam, good nutrition, quality sleep. If you have migraines look in to riboflavin (b-1) to help prevent them.
Depends. Not all headache are same. Your doctor may be able to identify type of headache, cause and decide treatment.

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How do I get my headache to go away?

SEARCH. A headache is a symptom with many possible causes. One that lasts says something is wrong, but it could be jaw, teeth, sinuses or something tougher. You want a dr to review this and check it out if ordinary asprin or the equivalent doesn't help. Read more...