Hi my nose is bleeding?

Treat easily. Nose bleeds can be treated easily. First sit upright, pinch your nostrils shut for 5 - 10 minutes, don't bend down or pick your nose after the bleeding stops. If bleeding starts you can use a cotton ball soaked with afrin nasal spray. If the bleeding cannot be control in 20 minutes you should seek care immediately.
Fingers first! The best way to stop most nosebleeds is to sit up or stand, lean slightly forward, and then pinch the fleshy part of your nose with your fingers on both sides for ten minutes. If that does not work, u can also soak a cotton ball with afrin (oxymetazoline) and place it in your nostril. Be careful not to put in so far that you can get it out! if you have a history of hypertension, check your BP if your nose bleeds!
Nose is Bleeding. Nose bleeding is very common, especially in the drier winter months or during allergy flare ups, head colds, or anything else that irritates the nose. I recommend pinching the nostril for up to twenty minutes, hold your head forward over the sink or toilet ... And wait. After bleeding has stopped, gently blow your nose to remove the clots. If bleeding does not stop, seek medical care.

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Hi doctor, my nose is bleeding continuously from the right side please advice what to do? Thanks

Pack & report to ER. Pack nose with gauze or household equivalent. Go to ER if bleeding persists or bleeding has been occurring continuously. Read more...

Hi, My brother have a nose bleeding problem. It runs 3 times in a week. Doctor said to him it's because of weather changing.?

Allergies and dry. The bleeding may be secondary to dryness or allergies. If the weather is hot and dry it may contribute to nose bleeds. lowing or picking of the nose is the most common cause of nose bleeds. Allergies may result in you having to blow or pick the nose causing it to bleed. Try keeping the nose moist with nasal saline spray and moisturizers such as vaseline. Read more...