Am I able to have children if I suffer from anejaculation?

Probably with help. You can not acheive conception via sexual intercourse. A urologist can find out if tour aejaculatory state is due to a blockage of your ejaculatory ducts. Such blockages can frequently be relieved. Failin that, see a fertility specialist because you might have normal sperm in your testes, these can be harvested and used for icsi (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) a form of invitro fertilization.
No ejaculation. No sperm: no children can bx testes to find sperm then ivf may be an option...But must find sperm..Just because they can't get out doesn't automatically mean they are not in there...
Yes. This problem needs further evaluation to determine whether you are experiencing backward flow of your ejaculate into the bladder or whether it's not coming out of the ejaculatory ducts at all. So long as u r making sperm in the testicle, sperm can be retrieved in a variety of ways but may require ivf to get partner pregnant. U need eval by a specialist in male infertility.
Not usual way. Anejaculation means nothing is coming from penis during sex. If you are having orgasm without ejaculation (yes that does happen) that means either it isnt being produced (low testosterone) there is a nerve problem (diabetic neuropathy or postopertaive problem) or a blockage of somesort. You need to see a mle infertility doctor to sort that out!
Ejaculation & Sperm. Anejaculation refers to failure to release the sperm rather than the quality of the sperm. If you have sperm in your testicles, then you can have a biological child. You may need the help of ivf after aspiration or surgery to recover the sperm from the testes. You need an evaluation by a urologist to learn why you cannot ejaculate. Sometimes psychologists can help too. Best wishes.
No ejaculation. I agree with other answers but there may be reasons for the failure to ejaculate and you might benefit from treatment so we do not have to aspirate or operate to get the sperm. See a specialist who can look for both medical and psychological causes. Best wishes.