I have hepatitis b antigen positive, I am worried about getting married?

Ask Partner. If 1 partner, they vaccinated against hepatitis b? In this high risk situation have they considered having their immunity checked via blood work? Have you ruled out other sexually transmitted diseases such as hiv, hepatitis c, & other possibilities in yourself? Use barrier methods--condoms independent of whatever birth control your partner may be using to protect both of you from transmission of std.

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Might it be possible that a person having hepatitis b antigen negative donate blood?

Need more info. Which hep b antigen are you talking about? If it is hep b e antigen negative and you have positive viral load, then absolutely not. If it is hep b surface antigen negative, you have no viral load and have never been exposed to hep b, then yes. However, if you have had a w/u for abnormal liver enzymes despite negative hep b, you will likely be rejected as that is 1 of the screening questions.

Hepatitis b antigen negative HBV load is 13160iu/ml. Taking tenofo b for three months now HBV load is >20. Please suggest me what can I do?

Continue to take. You are a hepatitis B virus carrier. With the use of the antiviral agent, tenofovir, you have successfully suppressed viral replication, which will help reduce the risk of hepatitis progression. This does not mean that you are cured however, and you will need to take this medication, as prescribed, otherwise you are at risk for viral reactivation and developing a drug resistant mutation.

What to do about hepatitis b antigen, hep b core IgM - acute or chronic?

Hep B. Hep B core IgM antibody is only present in acute infection. The IgM will then be lost, and you develop Heb B core antibody total (IgG) that persists for life. After acute infection, one hopefully loses the surface antigen and develops surface antibody, which indicates lifelong immunity. The surface antibody also persists for life. If persisting surface antigen, this indicates chronic infection.

Medical reports of my father having alfafetoprotein (afp) is 11727.28 ng/ml, hepatitis b antigen 78.05 & HBsAG is >250iu/ml what is meant by report?

Elevated AFP. Given your father's history of chronic hbv infection and now with the marked elevation of afp, this is almost conclusive of possible hepatocellular carcinoma. Need to follow up with your primary care doctor, gi, and oncologist for further work up and definitive treatment.
Hepatitis B ; HCC. Your father has hepatitis b and his elevated AFP is concerning for a primary liver cancer called hcc (hepatocellular carcinoma). He should see a liver specialist to discuss options and possible treatments as soon as possible.

What's a hepatitis b antigen?

Protein. Produced by the virus that causes he disease. There is an excellen description of the disease in wikipedia.
Part of hep B virus. For an example, presence of hepatitis b surface antigen means affected individual is infected with hepatitis b, either in active disease state with symptoms or in a carrier state.
Coat protein. There are a number of antigens associated with hbv, notably surface, core, e, and x. The surface antigen, hbsag, is the surface coat of the virus and the most commonly tested for.