Three small bumps on the end of penise shaft looks like moles?

Bumps on Penis. I think in an office evaluation is important for you. These could represent a number of conditions, with genital warts being the most likely. Genital warts can spread, be spread to another person, and even increase your lifetime risk of penile cancer if not properly treated. If spread to a female, she may not be aware of the warts, and would be at risk for cervical cancer. Please see your md!
?STD. If you've had unprotected sex, you may have gotten an std from your partner. If you have not had sex (at all), then you would need to see a doctor (family physician, dermatologist, or urologist) for diagnosis. Rather than worry, have yourself checked, it's the job of these doctors to do just that kind of examination--even if you're embarrassed, they're not and won't shame you. Practice safe sex!