I'm almost 36. My husband is bit scared to have sex because he is a virgin (he is 38) im getting scared he never will and I will be too old for kids.?

Therapist evaluation. Initimacy difficulties can be of a complicated nature. Medical scientists that specialize in this field often state that 90% of sex occurs between the ears, or simply put is a result of brain processing of information. He may have some barriers that may be affecting his ability to express himself in this manner. You should seek professional help by a therapist who specializes in sexual counsel.
Fear of Sex. Your husband seems to have an unnatural fear which should be addressed with a professional. I suspect you will both be involved and it may take some time. If he will provide a sperm sample with masturbation, then you could have insemination and become pregnant. Your are correct to be worried about age. We can test for your fertility potential. Get help and you can be successful.