How important is a beta blocker in the treatment of heart attack patients?

Very important. Beta blockers have been shown to keep the heart beating efficiently and effectively, and several studies have shown improved outcomes. There are many different beta blockers available, so a person should discuss with their doctor a balance between effectiveness, side-effects, and cost.
Very important. Assuming there is no contraindications to their use, beta blockers can decrease mortality after having a heart attack. They are also useful in decreasing blood pressure. For every increase in systollic BP (top number) by 20 and diastolic BP (bottom number) by 10 above 130/80, mortality from heart disease doubles, but not everyone can take beta blockers. Be sure to talk it over with you doctor.

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40yr old female. Take beta blocker for pots, no other heart prob. What r chances of heart attack from stress alone? I have no risk factors except that

Just about 0. Acute stress would be very unusual cause of heart attack in relatively young females because they have no significant underlying coronary artery disease (cad). Stress can cause angina in well established CAD and in some, heart attack. Role of chronic stress is debatable. Traditional risk factors for cad: smoking, hypertension, diabetes, age, sex, family history and cholesterol level.

Which is the better medication to be on following a heart attack: a beta blocker or an ACE inhibitor?

Both. You need both an ace inhibitor to prevent remodeling of the heart and a beta blocker to decrease future cardiac event (s).
Heart attack. Actually both drugs can increase longevity after a heart attack.

Can beta blocker make you short of breathe? (minax 50) or me having panic attack about heart attack again?

Beta blockers. Usually don't make people short of breath, if you have panic attacks those certainly do...
Maybe (not). . . Some beta blockers can affect lungs leading to shortness of breath (opposite effect of beta agonist such as albuterol). Metoprolol shouldn't do this but individuals vary in sensitivity. Of course, panic attacks can also make one feel short of breath. Best to go see your family doc about your concerns. There are safer options (ssris) to treat panic attacks w/o addictive benzodiazepines.

The day before yesterday my heart rate dropped to 40 bpm, yesterday I started feeling pressure on my chest and left arm discomfort?, could it be the beta blocker or should I run to the ER for a heart attack.

Heart disease. The hr dropping is likely related to the beta blocker. Chest pressure though could be a variety of things. Best bet is to either call your pcp or I f you are still experiencing ch est pressure seek further assistance from a urgent care orer.
See your doctor. Given your age of 26 and being on a beta blocker you must already have a medical condition. Beta blockers can certainly lower heart rate, but I would advise further evaluation.
Call your doctor. What is the reason you are on a beta blocker? You should see your doctor for a serious conversation about your medications.

The past 3 days straight I've been getting heart pain with severe cold sweats, fatigue etc. Even with beta blocker. Heart attack or anxiety?

Anxiety. I understand your concern about heart attack or Anxiety. Beta blockers are prescribed for Angina, heart attack, high blood pressure, and Anxiety. • Beta blockers can cause Fatigue, cold hands, • Headache • Upset stomach • Diarrhea • Shortness of breath • Trouble sleeping • These are also symptoms of anxiety. See a psychiatrist for Diagnosis and treatment including therapy, medication, and Yoga.