I had a severe yeast infection that caused sever irritation that cased skin to peel after. Is this normal?

Skin sloughing. If the yeast infection involved the skin in the vulvar, after it heals, it starts to peel off. The skin can get hyperpigmented at first and then peels off. This is a normal partt of healing.

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I got 2 doses of fluconazole for yeast infection that caused skin irritation from vulva to anus also on two OTC creams. How long will skin peel/stop?

1-2 wks? Provided that the fungal infection is the cause for the irritation. We need to know also what kind of OTC creams you are using since some of them may actually irritate your skin further. If the yeast infection is not the cause, your skin will not heal until the actual cause has been taken of.

Why is the skin in between my butt cheeks peeling? I recently started working out more (3 miles a day) and I live in a hot Southern California city of 90-100 degrees in Oct., and I had a yeast infection under my breasts and my butt. The yeast infection ha

Intertrigo. "Yeast infection" is not a true infection. There may be a proliferation of yeasts as well as other microorganisms, but the basic situation is sweating and chaffing. Anti inflammatory such as hydrocortisone + azole such as miconazole cream are very effective therapy in addition to ventilation and a shower. Avoid scrubbing.

Had circular patch of peeling itchy skin, bleeds easily at top of labia in same place for 2 months. Also white bump next to it. Is it yeast infection?

Probably not. Yeast infections typically are very erythematous and irregular in shape with satellite pustules at periphery. You should have it evaluated by your dermatologist.

Can a man use vaginal yeast infection cream to treat dry peeling skin of the penis? No stds.

Yeast is Yeast. There is no gender to medicine. Now, did the company try to brand their anti-dungal medicine by calling it a "vaginal' cream. Yes, most likely. If you have a fungal infection then this may very well work for you.