I have constant hip pain and muscle spasms in my thigh and calf with numbness in the outer half of my foot. What other tests besides MRI should happen?

Nerve damage. What your experiencing is nerve damage. It will or may be permanent if the cause is not corrected. Nerve conduction velocity is needed to help determine this. I would get the MRI asap. Then have your physician refer you to a neurosurgeon and neurologist to get further evaluation. A normal MRI and abnormal nerve study may indicate a more severe condition in terms of a demyelinating process.
Examination. Firstly a very complete physical exam. Some basic labs, plain (cheaper) x-rays directed at low back & pelvis. An emg/ncv is likely needed, based on information obtained the need for MRI ct or other studies may be determined.
Phyisical exam. History and physical with your doc more important that plus the MRI should show the s1nerve impingment if present treatment follows diagnosis.