I have a femoral hernia the ultra sound report says, it self reduces, can someone explain this to me and does this mean I wont need surgery?

Surgery Recommended. Femoral hernias are a type of groin hernia that is much more common in women. Due to their shape and location, they have a high probability of developing complications such as bowel "incarceration"; therefore, elective surgery is recommended in an otherwise healthy patient. In contrast, the more common inguinal hernia can be watched if small and one is symptom-free.
Femoral hernia. This is one of the 4 spaces a groin hernia can happen. It will likely need to be fixed at some point. It can be fixed laparoscopically.
No surgery yet. Hernias are very common, femorals more common in females. Not all hernias require surgery to correct them. One way we determine if it needs surgery is whether it can be reduced. Hernias are caused by an abnormal protrusion through a defect. If it freely flows back and forth through this defect, then it is reducible. If it does not and is stuck/strangulated then that might require surgery.