What causes hair bumps on the vagina?

Ingrown hair. The pubic hair on the vulva is typically curly. Shaving can put a bevel on the hair tip, allowing it to pierce the skin as it grows out. This irritates the skin and can cause an infection that creates a "bump" on the surface.

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I have ingrown hairs, red bumps and pimples (white heads) near my vagina (mostly on the inner thigh and crease). What is the cause? How can I improve?

Dump the razor. Shaving with a razor can cause tiny cuts that get infected... Get rid of the razor, ask your doc to treat infection if there is one and switch to a beard trimmer. Read more...

I have 2 bumps above clitoris hood like where the line of the vagina starts, no head just kind of red, I think shaving caused it?

Whoops! another cut. This is a very sensitive area for a razor and small cuts can cause infection from the in grown hairs + bacteria. How about a hair removal cream or electric or battery operated feminine razor. Read more...