I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but have a lot of lupus symptoms. My ANA test came back as "indeterminate". What does this mean?

Better test. Still the better test to determine the difference between lupus and fibromyalgia (fms) is a history and physical exam done by a rheumatologist. Lupus and fms have some similar symptoms but are very different. Lupus - autoimmune disease. Fms - not autoimmune. The ANA is not the deciding factor between the two. The ANA never makes a definite diagnosis. Other blood tests (by rheumatologist) can help.
Nothing! False positive anas of low titer are found in 5% of the population. It is lab tests paired with clinical findings that dictate the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. Both early autimmune disease and fibromyalgia can have vague symptoms that overlap. Do not fret and wait and see if your fms treatment helps!
It depends... There are several different ways to perform the ANA test. If you had the traditional test, the report should have a titer number (1:40, 1:80, ect...) and a pattern of staining. An indeterminate result in this test might mean you had a low positive titer (1:40 or 1:80) with a common pattern homogenous or speckled. Many patients who have no symptoms have tests in this range, so indeterminant.