My health problems keep me from any success with weight loss, but my doctor seems to shrug off my struggle. What can I ask of him anyway?

Complicated. Hi there, I have found that it is best to seek out physicians who are trained and comfortable with treating obesity. While I am comfortable with the great advances in obesity surgery, there is room for the use of medical weight management. Meds, such as phentermine, can be used successfully even with patients with chronic medical conditions as long as they are monitored effectively.
Bariatric surgery. In your case the best option would be a bariatric surgery. If you are a very high risk patient a stage procedure would be necessery. How old are you, medical problems, what is your weight?
Many. Your doctor should support you. If health problem is keeping you from commiting to an adequate exercise program, you could still do good by watching what you eat. Your doctor can provide you information on this or send you to a dietician. Your doctor can also look at your current drug profile and see if you are on any drugs that can cause weight gain. Appropriate substitution can then be made.