Iam 22 & iam always useing the bathroom right after I drink something is tht normal is there anyway to get blader check?

Peeing too much. Many things can cause urinating frequently. Things to note would be if you are also urinating large volumes, if you don't feel completely empty or if you have trouble starting to urinate. I would look at any medications you take that might cause this, coffee/caffeine/alcohol can increase how frequently we urinate. Diabetes, urinary tract infections and over active bladder may cause it as well.
Should be checked. Although it is likely that the voiding pattern you describe is your "normal", it is worth seeing a urologist to have it checked. They will probably do an analysis of a urine specimen to make sure there is no blood or signs of infection and they may also do an ultrasound to confirm that your bladder empties normally and completely. Medications can be taken to decrease the frequency of urination.