I have cvid. I have received weekly infusions for 2 years. My numbers are 870. How much higher should they be to make me feel better?

Its how u feel not#s. Dear tammyo, there's an old saying in medicine "we don't treat numbers". By that i mean if you are experiencing significantly fewer infections and have a better quality of life than it doesn't necessarily mean higher numbers fewer infections (i've seen patients with low numbers in all IG parameters who never got sick). During your evaluation for cvid specific responses to vaccines are golden.
Higher = better, but. A recent meta-analysis of 676 patients on IG infusions found less frequency of pneumonias at higher IgG troughs (up to 1000 mg/dl). However, there are other factors to consider such as correct diagnosis of cvid (have you ever had your vaccine titers checked?) or history of lung damage (did your previous lung infections lead to scarring or bronchiectasis, which can make you more susceptible?).