Treatment for dropfoot?

Mafo. A molded ankle foot orthosis, or mafo, can help. If you see a physiatrist they can prescribe you one, which an orthotist would then build. Physical therapy can help for strengthing, and if it is because of a peripheral nerve problem, not a stroke, sometimes functional electrical stimulation may help.
Depends on cause. Unfortunately, there are multiple possible causes for dropfoot, including a pinched nerve root in the lumbar spine, damage to the peroneal nerve as it passes through the leg (especially past the knee), or muscle disease. A neurologist can use a combination of examination signs and electrical testing to localize the problem, and then treatment will depend on that localization.

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What is the treatment for footdrop?

Bracing/surgery. Dropfoot has various causes but results from the muscles that dorsiflex the ankle (primarily tibialis anterior) not functioning. This usually is caused by a nerve dysfuntion. In some cases it is reversible if the nerve can recover. Therapy, brace and surgery (tendon transfers) options exist. An orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist can describe the various treatment options. Read more...
Have it examined. Depending on the extent and cause of the foot drop, bracing and/or surgery may be recommended. If the foot drop is caused by compression or some temporary etiology, releasing and/or removing the compression may restore function to the nerve. If the foot drop is from destruction of the nerves, typically a brace, such as an ankle foot orthotic is prescribed. The patient has to be properly evaluated. Read more...