Can my food poisoning hurt the baby?

Yes. It depends on the type of food poisoning and age and health of the baby. In general, the mom passes the offending organism quickly with little or no harm to herself or the fetus. Some like listeria may not harm moms but can have devastating effects on the fetus. It is wise to eat local or home-cooked foods. Read also: globalization exposes food supply to unsanitary practices http://t.Co/0pdamn7.
Yes. Most food poisoning can make you dehydrated which can affect the baby. Rarely food poisoning caused by listeria can cause a stillbirth. Always eat fresh food. Wash your vegetables and fruit thoroughly. Make sure your meat is fresh.
No. Although food poisoning can be miserable in general it will not hurt the fetus. Most cases resolve in 24-48 hours. The key is to avoid dehydration. Dehydration can lead to contractions and preterm labor. The exception would be when food poisoning reaches the blood stream and causes sepsis. Sepsis requires hospitalization. If you have a fever or contractions you should let your doctor know.