I have strong smelling, cloudy, dark urine. I am retaining fluids in my lower extremities although I drink plenty of water, not dehydrated. Problem?

Uti . A smelly and cloudy urine suggest urinary tract infection, specially if accompanied by burning sensation when you urinate. This should be diagnosed with urinalysis and culture. As for retaining of fluids on lower extremities it could be from a kidney disease that is associated with the cloudy urine, like nephrotic syndrome, or other problems like liver and cardiac disease.
Maybe. Lots of things can make urine smell, but a history of dark urine with fluid retention (edema) raises significant concern for serious kidney problems. Anyone with symptoms like this should have blood and urine testing, and a good history taken, to help figure out if there's a serious problem. Dark urine can contain blood, and protein loss with kidney damage can cause the swelling.