Doctors think I have endometriosis. Missed periods, sharp pain during period, severe cramps. Wary of birth control. Other options besides bc or iud?

Hormones or surgery. Endometriosis is a condition where the cells that line the inside of the uterus are in the wrong place such as on pelvic surfaces; every month these areas menstruate and this causes pain. Endometriosis is stimulated by estrogen so turning off your own estrogen will temporarily help: pills or hormone shots etc. The only way however to really get rid of it is to remove it laparoscopically.

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I went off of birth control and just had my first period after 9 months. I am having severe pain in ovaries (not cramps) during period. What are these?

Pelvic pain. There are too many causes of pain in the lower abdomen to be able to answer. If the pain continues schedule a visit for an exam, testing and possibly a sonogram. Birth control would likely regulate your cycle and may decrease menstrual pain as well. Read more...