23m 5mm paracentral bulge @ l4-5 & l5-s1, 4mm retrolisthesis at both levels as well. S/p l5-s1 discectomy/hemilaminotomy & 3 epidurals. Still have daily pain at least 4/10 & getting worse. What next?

Call MD office. If your pain is worse after surgery, please call the surgeon's office and try to see him again or try to get a second opinion.
Talk to MD. There is a possibility that you will need a surgical option . Talk to a spine surgeon for a consult and discussion of alternative treatments.
Whats next. You are doing the right thing by asking questions as you will be better informed about the decisions you'll have to make. One has to first realize pain is a subjective perception which can be altered in a positive or negative way through outside forces. Think good & it should be good. It is best to discuss this in person with a doctor who is not "trigger happy" with their rx or scalpel.