What to do for measles?

Tender loving care. There is no cure for measles [virus is too smart for us]. Do things to make yourself feel better while you wait for your body to kick out the virus. Take Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen for fever or muscle aches. No aspirin! call your doc [especially for babies]. Watch out for: ear pain, croup, diarrhea, severe cough/shortness of breath [pneumonia], lethargy/confusion [big deal brain infection].
Supportive Therapy. There is no drug or antibiotic which will get rid of Measles Virus The treatment is supportive with isolation,fluids,fever reducers,and if there are complications like Otitis Media or Pnumonia treat with appropriate antibiotics.Humidifier to relieve cough and congestion may help.
Not Much. A viral disease, currently with no medical cure. Only help for severe symptoms such as pneumonia or encephalitis. It is a deadly disease which is why immunizing is the best treatment, for prevention.

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Please tell me what to do when you have measles but has already got a vaccine?

Get through it. Measles is just a harsh viral illness for most who get it.I don't remember my case but it came after a "block party" which is how mom's made it predictable back then.If you received at least one shot you are less likely to have serious complications. Stay home, keep hydrated and let your physician know how you are progressing. Read more...

What symptoms do you get from german measles?

AKA 3 DAY MEASLES. Is transmitted via coughing or sneezing, it is not the same disease as measles. Common symptoms may be so mild that they may go unnoticed. When symptoms are present, yhey typically consist of low grade fever, headache, runny or stuffy nose, irritated or swollen eyes, back of the neck gland swelling, behind ears or base of skull and joint pain. The most common symptom is a rash trunk to extremiti. Read more...
German Measle Sx's. German Measles (AKA Rubella or 3 Day Measles) symptoms may include fever (usually 102 or lower), joint pain, loss of appetite, feeling tired, nasal congestion,sore throat, cough, red eyes, headache & swollen & tender lymph nodes (posterior cervical & sub occipital). The most prominent symptom is a fine light red to pink rash which begins on the face and moves to the trunk and extremities. It is > Read more...