Can lupus cause malabsorption. I have lupus, and pots and a lot of weight loss sometimes yellow stool sometimes constipated but undigested food, I've lost a lot of weight. Many gastro tests no answer?

Lupus and gluten . Lupus is an autoimmune disease that many people think may be linked to intestinal imbalances. Wheat and gluten can make autoimmune diseases worse. Whether or not you are celiac you should try going off gluten for 2 - 3 months.
Not directly. Sorry for your ordeal. Lupus does not directly affect absorption of food. But other immunological diseases associated with lupus can affect absorption.
Almost anything. Lupus can cause a variety of changes in the variety of systems. Although malabsorption can occur it is not a prominent symptom seen.. Your symptoms are certainly suggestive of malabsorption. This does not mean that it is due to your lupus. You are a normal person who has lupus and you can get other conditions not related to lupus. You need to get this problem evaluated.