What can I do to gain weight?

Eat healthy calories. To gain weight you have to consume more calories than you are burning each day. Do this in a healthy way. Don't choose junk food or fast food. Keep a well balanced diet and make sure to get all the nutrients you need. Don't cut out exercise as it is very good for you. Weight lifting and other muscle building exercises can help you increase body mass (increasing muscles instead of fat).

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What can I do to gain weight with my high metabolism?

Eat and exercise. You need to focus your exercise regimen more on weight training than aerobics. As well, make sure you eats lots of food, and focus on complex carbohydrates and lean protein sources. We don't focus on slowing down a fast metabolism; we work with it.

Am so skinny. What can I do to gain weight and fat naturally.?

Eat more. Seriously! Gaining weight is opposite of losing it eg energy surplus vs deficit. Body builders, athletes, even actors who need to gain muscle can eat upwards of 10, 000kcal/d. Of course, you want to exercise, too, as getting fat for the sake of not being skinny isn't healthy. But before you pick up a fork, check out http://www. Cdc. Gov/healthyweight/assessing/bmi/ to determine right weight for heigh.

I'm 5'7" and currently weigh 113 lbs. I recently started going g to the gym. What can I do to gain weight?

Gaining weight. There are really only 2 safe and effective things you can do to gain weight. 1st is exercise in which you replace fat tissue with muscle tissue, which has higher density and weighs more. The 2nd is to increase your calories in a sensible, balanced way: 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, 4 oz portions of meat, lots of fiber and grain. If you don't eat enough, supplements like ensure help.
Weight training. The best way to add lean body mass is with resistance training, ie weightlifting. Do not simply add calories to your diet. Adding calories beyond what your body burns adds fat, and only fat. Building lean body mass takes time, consistency, and hard work.

What can I do to gain weight I have tried hard for years but am still 20 pounds under I have a very high metabolism? What can I do?

Weight gain is easy! Weight gain is easy, as a healthy/meaningful gain in lean body mass as goal--but u can't pick where it goes! Don't take products for quick results that sacrifice your future quality of life. Exercise vigorously, eat balanced meals, stay hydrated. Explore medical reasons why you have difficulty gaining--thyroid/ adrenal problems, diabetes, malabsorption, pancreas insufficiency, crohn's, infection..

Hey, I want to ask about my weight, I'm very thin but I'm not very hungry during the day, what can I do to gain weight and get hungry to be fatter?

If healthy, protein. If you are feeling well, and ideally have been evaluated by a physician recently to be sure you do not have a metabolic condition (such as thyroid disease or diabetes) and are not taking stimulant medications, then adding a protein supplement to your regular diet--without reducing your usual intake--can help. This can be as a snack bar, meal-replacement bar, or powder you add to drinks.

Hi. I'm 5'10" and I weigh 130. This is a problem for me because I do eat enough per day and exercise at a healthy amount. What can I do to gain weight?

See Dr., then eat... If one is truly underweight (based on height, family background, and body type), a Dr. Can evaluate for a hormonal, digestive, or other disorder. If no medical cause is found, then one can add weight by eating more calories of nutritious foods, while also doing weight-training to increase muscle. Proteins: egg white, chicken breast, salmon, . .. Better fats: olive oil, peanuts, almonds, tofu, . ...

What can I do to gain weight?

Drink supplement. Ensure or Boost drinks daily will add calories and hopefully you will gain some weight.