If I, sometimes, completely disconnect from a situation that I am actually living and replace it for something else am I psychotic?

Disconnect. The options for what may explain these symptoms include: 1) depersonalization; 2) derealization; 3) dissociation; 4)psychosis; 5)medications or drug reaction; 6) medical problem. Depersonalization - feeling like you standing outside yourself watching what id going on - and derealization - feeling like you are seeing the world through a fog - are more common with panic. Des measure dissociation.
Dissociation. My guess is that when you are feeling overwhelmed by a particular situation, you body -- adaptively -- dissociates so that you can "blunt" the pain a bit. Dissociation is an adaptive way to deal with something that, in the moment, simply cannot be tolerated. I do not believe that you are psychotic because you are grounded enough to be asking the question...
Abnormal. . Psychosis is defined as abnormal thought process. Being the way you are does not make you psychotic. However, if it bothers you, you really need to see your doctor. Get evaluated soon.