I've had indengestion since spring and have lost 30 lbs which some I've gained back. O was scoped which came back normal I take Prilosec with little rel?

Maybe not acid cause. Prilosec and other ppis decrease production of stomach acid, which works if the problem is acidish. If not, then they don't work. Think of other possibilities (and so should your doc). Don't know your age, history, sex, meds, etc. Other causes for "indigestion" can include bile reflux, chemical infl of stomach, celiac disease, pancreas, cardiac , colon issues, emotional c ur doc again. Keep look.
Worrisome? The combination of weight loss and indigestion are not normal, and need to be figured out. Although scopes are great at look inside the stomach and colon...They do not rule-out things like gallbladder problems, pancreas problems, liver problems, etc. Some basic labs and perhaps an ultrasound or ct could be useful.