What could it be if I have a small mole like mass in my cervix?

Many possibilities. There may be many causes of a mass on the cervix, ranging from benign lesions, malignant lesions, and infectious lesions. It would be best to have it evaluated with a physical exam.
Needs biopsy. If you have a pigmented lesion of cervix-it could be endometriosis, melanoma, hemorrhagic area(blood collection), a mucocele(cyst of cervix w/mucus retention) or hpv related dysplasia(premalignant)or cancer.It would need a screening pap smear, a colposcopy(magnified image of cervix) and biopsy of lesion for a final diagnosis.
Cervical lesions. Mole like swellings on the cervix can be several things, and therefore you should see a doctor. Depending on various factors these include nabothian cysts, polyps, warts, fibroids, precancerous or cancerous lesions. This type of lesion is best visualized by your doctor and possibly needing a biopsy to determine what it is and how it should be treated.
Numerous. The best way to find out is to get it removed and evaluated by a pathologist. No need in putting that off.