Where is my appendix?

Right Lower Quad. Your appendix is in the right lower quadrant of your abdomen. Holly:tell the patient what you have been taught- put thumb on asis (that bone that sticks out at the bottom of the lower right side of your belly) and your 5th finger (pinky) on the edge of the pubic bone (near where the hair ends) extend index finger and find where appendix usually is.
Right lower abdomen. Think of your appendix as a "finger shaped" appendage that hangs off the beginning of your large intestines in the vicinity of your right lower abdomen. One needs to be careful, though in that even though it is located in the right lower abdomen, an acute appendicitis can present with left sided abdominal pain.

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I had a knot and severe pain on right side right above where my appendix was taken out 15 plus yrs ago the knot whet away and the pain subsided?

Follow this. The fact that it came and went is reassuring you didn't mention severity, duration of the pain could you walk etc. Its likely intestinal gas but if it occurs again get checked, sometimes surgery leads to internal tissue buildup called adhesions they can cling to bowel etc cause pain and obstruction. If you begin have this pain again see your doctor or go to the ER if severe.

It hurts where my appendix was removed from, 7 months ago, during workouts. Is it too soon to workout or could this be another problem?

Seven months is. Adequate time for healing. It could be another problem, such as incisional hernia. Show it to your surgeon to be sure.

Had appendix removed 3 weeks ago, last 3 days I've been feeling sharp pains where my appendix was that come and go but wake me out of sleep am I ok?

Followup w surgeon. While pain near incision is common, new pain x3D shud have followup/discussion w ur surgeon. Red flags e.g. fever, increasing redness near incision site, increased pain/tenderness, or bleed would require more urgent evaluation. Wud need more info re other sxs, including urinary, and r/o pregnancy (even if on pills). Happy to consult to rv details, if more questions.

I had my appendix removed 3 months ago. I have very sharp pains in the area of where my appendix was. Pain brings me to my knees and unable to stand.

Nerve regrowth. You had your appendix removed 3 months ago. You have pains in the region and it hurts so much that you double over. This could be nerve growth and will happen sporadically. Of you had a ct scan to look for abscess and it was negative then nerve regrowth will lessen in time.
Post op pain. Follow up with your surgeon or GI to ensure that there are no issues like an abscess or other issues like obstruction. Once these are ruled out consider seeing your GI to help with finding other potential causes.

I have pain near where I had my appendix removed over a year ago, its a pulsing pain that comes and goes what could it be?

Many possibilities. Abdominal pain needs face-to-face evaluation that can only happen by making an appointment to see your primary care physician or the surgeon who performed your appendectomy. They will ask many questions, perform a careful physical examination, and may recommend lab and/or diagnostic tests. There are simply too many causes of abdominal pain to speculate with this information.
Could be. Could be many things. Best thing is to get an exam. Don't think is anything serious.

I have pain above my right testicle radiating to where my appendix used to be and to my right lower back. 2 weeks now. Hydrocele?

Torsion? The reported features of right testis-related pain suggest, but not assure, a possibility of testicular torsion or inguinal hernia or neuropathy. To affirm a diagnosis, one needs more info on specifics, relevance, sequence of events of all symptoms + findings of physical exam + testing as needed. How to sort these related things for good care? To http://www. Formefirst. Com/eNewsletter06.html.

I was lifting 10 pound weights and when I went to put one down I accidentally rammed it into my stomach exactly where my appendix is. Will I be ok?

Yes. The appendix lies fairly deep and it would be difficult to rupture from that type of trauma. The appendix ruptures when the lining is inflamed and abscessed, hence friable, diseased and weak!