How long will it take to get pregnant if your partner is taking steriods and we are using a ovulation kit we have been trying now for 9 months?

No one knows. There is no way, outside of in vitro fertilization, to reliably predict the timing of a pregnancy. I'm not sure what sort of "ovulation kit" you've been using; timing intercourse with presumed or expected ovulation can be helpful but is no guarantee. If you have been trying for over a year, or have specific health concerns, a fertility specialist may be able to help (but still can't predict!).
What steroids? Do you mean Prednisone for a sinusitis? Probably unimportant. Do you mean synthetic androgen for body -building? Bad idea. The banned ones are risky, questionably effective, and illegal. The others are risky and questionably effective. Androgenic steroid supplements all suppress normal testicular function - big chest but no sperm. I'd have him stop.
Have partner checked. If your partner has been taking steroids like testosterone to increase muscle mass or sports performance this can be a big problem. Steroids in high doses can actually slow or stop sperm production. He should have a semen analysis to determine if there are any problems.