Can you overdose on marijuana?

Not fatally. I have never seen a report of an overdose of marijuana causing death directly-- although many fatal car accidents are caused by marijuana. 'overdose'-- taking in a higher amount than planned-- can have other effects, like paranoia, sleepiness, impaired judgment.. But the effects go away when the thc wears off-- as long as nothing permanent happens from being impaired i.e. Fights or accidents.
YES. Too much of anything can be potentially toxic. It depends on the concentration of the drug, susceptibility of the individual, and other contemporaneous medications, herbs, or drugs.
Yes. Overuse of marijuana, acute or chronic, can lead to a loss of contact with the reality the rest of us live in (psychosis) or can lead to a marked loss of motivation to do what needs to be done.

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Can you overdose on marijuana and die?

Sure you can.. Od on anything is not good. You don't even have to od and still you can die. Marijuan use affects your mentation/mental function and physical/coordination which can impair your ability to operate machinery/driving etc, ...Thus increase risks of accidents and death. Why put stuff in your body when you don't need it? Be good. Be safe. Be alive! Read more...
Herbal overdose????? To my knowledge, and I am a marijuana prescribing physician in the state of hawaii, no one in history has ever overdosed, of died from the use of marijuana. Cannibus it is now legal in i believe 18 states nationally for medical conditions that vary state to state. Dispite its "black history" many patients nationally have found it helpful. We need to curb the opoid consumption in this country, . Read more...

Can you fatally overdose on marijuana? I heard that is is extremely difficult to do so

Yes. certainly possible if someone is eating it. less likely from smoking, because most people would pass out and stop smoking, before ingesting a fatal dose. Though with ultrapotent varieties, if someone really wanted to kill themselves by agressively smoking they might be able to do so. Read more...