Brain tumor? Mild headaches (usually go away with meds) slight blurry vision and now pressure and aches in ears as well. No memory probs or vomiting.

Not likely. Brain tumors are rare and headaches are common. Take your tylenol (acetaminophen) and don't worry about it.
Other Possibilities. A brain tumor in a 22 y/o is not the most common diagnosis i can think of in this scenario. It is not impossible, but definitely improbable. I would think dehydration, migraines, sinus infection, common cold/flu, etc. When trying to diagnose something, we start with the simplest answer first, and rule out things from there. A brain tumor wouldn't be on the radar with the description given here.

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Could I have brain tumor I have mild headaches for 5 days all over head pressure on eyes tho7gh gained 4 kg weight in 1and half month also less alert?

Doesn't sound like. a brain tumor, but something is happening in your body that could cause all of these symptoms and could get worse. You really do need to see a doctor and be examined. Ask to have your hormones checked. If you want to discuss further, you can get a Concierge consult here. Hope you find an answer. Good luck! Read more...

Possible reasons I have short term memory loss, confusion, mild headaches, and some trouble reading (not vision)? Vit Deficiency? Brain Tumor? MS?

Needs Evaluation! There are many causes for your symptoms. This needs a comprehensive evaluation. HealthTap Consult or your own Physician may well assist you. Wish you well! Read more...