Hi doctors, 2weeks ago I made 2 corns surgery right leg bottom of the leg, doctor also made local anesthesia till now I can't walk easily why?

Corns are usually . On feet. Having said, i would expect one to be able to at least walk at 2 weeks post op and would recommend you pose this question to your surgeon as we don't know the exact procedure performed or what your foot looks like i.E any swelling etc etc.
Q. Should have healed. The area has a poor circulation and it heals in longer time. Recheck with the podiatrist.
Give. More time to heal. I'm sure you are still seeing the surgeon so ask for their input. May be swelling which is normal or something else. Your doctor will be able to better the answer and your expectations.
Corns. As stated , it is best to get back to your surgeon as your description need to be clearer. The difficulty walking needs to be addressed.
See below. Any surgery on your foot will take a long time to heal. This means that swelling, pain, stiffness and so forth will last a long time. Part of this is that you never really rest your feet. Once it has your weight on it it has a lot of stress to deal with. Give the foot surgery some tim to heal. Good luck.