Signs of an ear infection?

Ear Infection Signs. Ear infection symptoms include pain, hearing loss, and fever. Usually, these symptoms follow an upper respiratory infection, especially the common cold, in young children. Adults experience ear infections infrequently, but often may have ear pain.
Ear pain, redness. While ear infections can have many signs and symptoms, a few suggest the need to be examined by a health professional. Ear infections can be on the outside including the ear and canal, and some in the middle ear. Drainage of pus or blood is a clear sign of a problem. Pain, swelling and redness are also concerning. If you feel sick, or have a fever it suggests a possible systemic infection.

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What's most likely signs of an ear infection in adults?

Ear pain, discharge. Ear infections can be outer ear infections (in the ear canal) or middle ear (behind the ear drum). Outer ear infections present with ear pain (inner/outer), discharge, fullness. Middle ear infections present w/deeper ear discomfort, decreased hearing and possible drainage (if ear drum ruptured). Seeing a specialist is important to treat and make sure nothing more going on nearby that is concerning.

While washing my hair & cleaning behind my right ear I noticed the back of my ear hurts, no sores present. Could this be signs of an ear infection?

Ear Tenderness. Pain in bony part can be due to many causes including too tight glasses, bluetooth or ear buds not fitting properly. Sometimes pain can travel from the eardrum or canal- this is called referred pain-that can be due to inflammation, infection or congestion. The bony area also called mastoid process. This area can become tender w ear infection spreading to this see. Go to doctor if pain persists.

Is a red ear a sign of an ear infection in an infant?

No. An infant typically will be irritable with possibly a preceding or current upper respiratory infection. There may it may not be fever. The inflammation is in the middle ear and tympanic membrane and this should not cause a red ear.

Last night I bent over to pick something up and my left ear popped and then started to hurt, could this be a sign of an ear infection?

Ear pain. You may have had a cold. By ending down you may forced fluid in your middle ear causing pain this fluid called serous otitis maybe a precursor for infection. Have it checked out.
More likely pressure. You likely had an unnoticed closure of your eustachian tube that reopened to allow some air into your middle ear space. But this should not produce continuing pain. An office exam can separate the issues that will self correct vs the possibility of an ear infection that needs treatment.

My 6 mo old is constantly pulling on his ears, especially when he is nursing. Could this be a sign of an ear infection? His ears don't look abnormal

Yes. It can be the sign or an ear infection or also could be a sign of teething. Best way is to take him to the pediatrician to look for a potential ear infection. :)

Decrease appetite in 2 yr old. No other signs than treated ear infection done with antibiotics recently. Acting likehim except no appetite, when worry?

Recheck. I'd be concerned if the ear infection has resolved. Perhaps a follow up appointment is necessary to examine and put everything together.

Signs of ear infection in adults differ from kids?

Similar. The symptoms are pretty similar. The difference is in the ability to communicate the symptoms.