I have poland syndrome and wanted to know how much would it cost to get breast reconstructive surgery done?

Poland Syndrome. This is a breast reconstruction and I have been able to get this approved through insurance with appropriate coding and documentation. That being said i approach based on the underdeveloped chest wall with rib abnormalities then the standard was a custom hard implant. I would consider this differently with the availability of fat grafting, brava, and shaped silicone implants.
Depends on plan. As stated, it depends on the provisions of your insurance plan as well as the method of reconstruction. Costs may vary from 6-20k based on the techniques used. Although silicone pectoralis implants or latissimus muscle transfers are considered standard of care, recently fat grafting is increasingly popular. To see this patient's pectus results: go to http://www.Fattransferbreastaug.Com.